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This imaging device could be a breakthrough for breast cancer treatment

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Friday, 14 May 2021 / Nancy Crotti / Medical Design and Outsourcing

Combining optical coherence tomography imaging (OCT; left) with micro-elastography technologies, OncoRes’ quantitative micro-elastography (QME) imaging system provides real-time tumor assessment that helps surgeons more accurately identify and remove cancerous tissue. (Image courtesy of OncoRes Medical)

OncoRes Medical’s system may detect cancer cells on a microscopic scale during a lumpectomy, potentially averting the need for a second breast cancer surgery.

Having breast surgery to remove a cancerous lump is traumatic enough. Learning that you’ll need another operation to remove cancer cells that the surgeon couldn’t detect the first time only adds to the worry — and the cost.

This article was first published by Medical Design and Outsourcing. Click here for full article.

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