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'More Than Mining': WA Med-Tech Sector Message to Local Investors

Monday, 25 March 2024 / Tom Rabe / Australian Financial Review

Source: Image from Australian Financial Review

OncoRes Medical has been featured in the Australian Financial Review in an article by journalist Tom Rabe titled ‘More than mining’: WA med-tech sector message to local investors’.


The article highlights how OncoRes’ cutting-edge imaging technology is reshaping cancer treatment, and propelling WA's healthcare sector into the spotlight.


Here’s an excerpt:


‘OncoRes’ team of 40 have been recruited from across WA’s mining, medical, rail and defence industries, and is preparing for another capital raise as it eyes entry into the US market after being granted breakthrough device designation by the Food and Drug Administration.


OncoRes is not the only medical technology company emerging from WA, with the state now home to a burgeoning medical research sector that Premier Roger Cook says is integral to the long-term diversification away from mining.’

This article was first published by Australian Financial Review. Click here for full article.

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